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Perfecto #1: It's a Go!

SKU: ePUB in English
  • Here it is: the 1st volume of the new Perfecto comic strips series!

    Comics for 8 to 108-year-olds.


    Welcome to Perfecto's world!

    Starring Perfecto, a sensitive and imaginative little fellow in search of the meaning of life.

    A human, after all!

    And meet his friend Tofu! An intelligent and wise being, gifted with a 6th sense, who watches over his human.

    A dog, after all!

    Perfecto comic strips: at times funny, at times philosophical, at times touching and sometimes... all of the above.

    And always, feel-good humour!

    Publisher: Fecto Productions

    ISBN: 978-2-924438-13-8

    Language: English

    Number of pages: 192

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